Suicide Intervention and Prevention Expert Witness

We are pleased to announce that Barry N. Feldman, PhD has joined our panel of experts.  Dr. Feldman is a nationally recognized educator, trainer, researcher, and clinical expert in the field of suicide  intervention and prevention.  He specializes in suicide-related training, critical incident response, and crisis stabilization services for schools, military, law enforcement, emergency medical responders, healthcare providers, veterinary medical practitioners, and other professionals.  

Dr. Feldman is a certified/approved trainer in the following programs, among many others:  Lifelines: A Comprehensive Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness Program For Teens (Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide);  Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools (FEMA);  Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals (Suicide Prevention Resource Center);  Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation);  and  Crisis Negotiation (Massachusetts State Police).

Dr. Feldman maintains his faculty appointment at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Psychiatry, where he served for many years as Director of Psychiatry Services in Public Safety.  He continues to provide consultation, training, critical incident debriefing, and other psychological support services for first responders, including officer wellness and fitness-for-duty evaluations.  He has developed specialized teaching materials in the field of suicidology and created management programs for trauma recovery, substance abuse and crisis intervention.

He also provides technical assistance to schools and universities to help in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and strategies to prevent suicide and to create appropriate postvention responses in the aftermath of suicide or other traumatic and sudden deaths that affect both the school and the local community.  He is well-versed in implementing the Zero Suicide model as a framework for developing a continuity of care approach within hospitals and healthcare systems for screening, assessing, and managing patients at risk for suicide

Dr. Feldman provides consultation and expert witness testimony in litigation related to his area of expertise.  This work is driven by his desire to help ensure best practices for assessment, treatment and care delivered to individuals who may be at risk for suicide. 

Please contact us if you would like to review Dr. Feldman’s CV and fee schedule and/or schedule a preliminary phone call with him.


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