Catching the Pink Unicorn

One of our clients has a term for unusual or hard-to-find experts – he calls them “pink unicorns.”  We became aware of this phenomenon some years ago, even before we learned that felicitous phrase, when a  plaintiff’s attorney needed a dermatology expert for a complex case adverse to one of the most prominent and highly-regarded dermatologists in the United States.  Dozens of experts refused the case before we found a well-qualified dermatologist (not a “professional expert”) who was willing to review it.  The client was ecstatic, and obviously we were gratified to accomplish what he had believed to be an impossible task.

Since that time we have been asked repeatedly to find the unusual, the difficult, the almost impossible, or in other words, pink unicorns – sky diving instructors, forensic meteorologists, horizontal directional drilling experts, pediatric surgeons (it’s a small specialty and they all know each other), and many others.  We love the big challenge, and we’re almost always successful.  Of course, we provide all kinds of less rare experts, so you should think of us for all of your expert needs.  We know our experts as people, we know them as testifying and consulting experts, and we monitor their work in the courtroom.  When we refer them to you, you can be confident that you’re getting the best.  But in particular, when you need that special expert, the one you simply cannot find on your own and you think there’s no hope of finding, call us, and we will be happy to find your pink unicorn.


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