Zion Williamson's exploding Nike shoe

Material for a law-related blog sometimes comes from an unexpected source.  Last night the most prominent college basketball player in the U.S., Duke’s Zion Williamson, injured his right knee when his left shoe essentially exploded 18 seconds into the game:  the sole and the upper suddenly broke apart, Williamson’s foot came through the side of the shoe, and he fell to the floor, twisting his knee.  A good photo and short video of the event are at https://www.wsoctv.com/news/national-news/ap-top-news/duke-star-williamson-injures-knee-after-nike-shoe-blows-out/923582676.  Williamson was out for the rest of the game, and no time frame has been given for his return.  With thousands of witnesses attending the game in person (including a certain former President whose interest in basketball is well known), millions watching on TV, and millions more sharing the images on social media, this is the biggest sports story of the week.

An article published on Sports Illustrated’s website the day after this event, https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2019/02/21/zion-williamson-knee-injury-duke-unc-north-carolina-nike-sneakers-legal-impact, discusses at length and in detail the various lawsuits that could arise out of Zion Williamson’s injury. (The author is a professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and the director of its Sports and Entertainment Law Institute.)  It’s clear that any such litigation would require multiple expert witnesses.  And that, of course, is our sweet spot.  Not only do we provide highly qualified, experienced experts in all the fields this kind of litigation would require, we can also advise attorneys on which kinds of experts would be the best choices for the various elements of such a potentially complex case.  So if you happen to have a products liability litigation, a knee injury case, or any other expert witness requirements, think of us first.


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