Mucus, Mutation and The Flu

A blog commenting on another blog is probably not unprecedented, but for us it’s unusual.  However, the influenza virus we prepared for, and for which the vaccine has proven quite effective, has mutated, and the vaccine is much less effective for the mutated virus.  So although there are no legal issues involved in monitoring your health in this late winter period, I’m highlighting the above post to the Harvard Health blog as a public service to our readers.  The author explains that, contrary to a myth that many people still believe, the color of your nasal discharge is not a predictor of your ailment, or even if you have an ailment.  It’s better to be aware of other issues, like fever and body aches, before deciding that you have a cold, a sinus infection, seasonal allergies, or perhaps the flu.  You don’t need an expert witness to get yourself to the doctor if you suffer from flu-like symptoms, but you do need common sense.  Over 28,000 Americans have died this year from the flu.  Be aware of the symptoms, the risks, and the correct approach to recovery. And don’t rely on the color of your mucus to guide you.


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