Blood Alcohol, HIPAA and the 4th Amendment

Vident Partners was founded as Healthcare Litigation Support in 2005.  We originally focused on providing experts for medical malpractice and other personal injury litigation.  Our consulting experts and expert witnesses were specialists in medicine, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, health care administration and operations, and other healthcare-related fields.  Stewart v. Parkview Hospital, (7th Cir. 10/22/19), presents the kinds of issues that we have assisted in resolving for almost 15 years.  The case required expert witnesses in several medical specialties and subspecialties, and the issues on which they testified are important and contentious.

After our experience as part of a Thomson Reuters expert witness effort called TREWS from February 2011 to November 2013, we changed our name and expanded our services.  Today, in addition to our longtime healthcare referral practice, we are providing consulting and testifying experts in all fields of specialization, for all types of litigation, to attorneys in all U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions.  We look forward to working with you the next time you need help finding an expert.


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