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Organizing and analyzing complex digital evidence is an increasingly common aspect of modern litigation practice.  Consequently, our clients may often need both an expert in the subject matter of the case and an expert in one or more fields of digital evidence that may be necessary to prove and win the case.  Vident Partners has worked extensively with our cyber partner, Flatwater Forensics, to expand our cyber expertise to better serve our clients’ needs in this area.  In cooperation with Flatwater, we have cultivated an elite set of experts in the areas of forensic acquisitions and analysis, information security and compliance, and e-discovery.  Whether you need an expert in computer coding, enterprise-level applications, the peculiarities of an Android device, detecting the alteration of electronic medical records, or any other cyber-related issue, Vident Partners can help you find the right digital expert in a field that is becoming as specialized as medicine.  This is a natural extension of what our clients have trusted Vident to do for 15 years and a necessary component of our business as we head toward our third decade of serving you.     

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