Case Study

Safety Signage

Proper signage in parking lots and garages, where pedestrians and moving automobiles are regularly in close proximity to each other, is vital to pedestrian safety.  For example, a New York plaintiff’s attorney asked us to provide a safety engineer for a case in which his client had just exited a big box retailer and was in the crosswalk when she was struck by a car and seriously injured.  He wrote, “The action against [the retailer] involves its design, construction, and management of the parking lot.  We have made a claim that [the store] was negligent for providing an inadequate parking lot design, failing to provide adequate warnings or safeguards for pedestrians using the crosswalks, failing to adequately identify the crosswalks to drivers, and otherwise failing to have adequate traffic control devices within the parking lot.”

Safety signage experts are generally forensic engineers with backgrounds in either mechanical or civil engineering.  In this case we referred a very experienced mechanical engineer with extensive experience in safety engineering.  Vident Partners has engineering experts in all of the field’s many specialties and subspecialties (e.g., biomechanical, biomedical, chemical,  computer, electrical, petroleum, etc.).

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