Case Study

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering experts can assist in any case involving the breakdown or faulty performance of a machine, which may cause personal injury, property damage, or both.  The engineer will examine the mechanism to determine whether the incident was caused by user error, inadequate maintenance, a design defect, a manufacturing defect, etc.

We were contacted by a plaintiff’s attorney in a case involving the death of a passenger in a UTV (utility task/terrain vehicle).  The passenger had been thrown from the vehicle when it unexpectedly lurched forward.  The issue was whether the incident was caused by a problem with the transmission.  The attorney needed a mechanical engineer to inspect the transmission, consult on the case, and potentially serve as an expert witness.

There are many areas of specialization within the broad field of mechanical engineering.  The engineer we provided for the above case had specific expertise in motor vehicle design.  Other mechanical engineers whom we have referred to our clients include specialists in (to name just few) industrial refrigeration, materials handling, guardrail design, crane design, and firearms failure analysis.  You can count on Vident Partners to provide a mechanical engineer with the specific expertise required for your case.

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